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Weights and Biases

Sample Factory also supports experiment monitoring with Weights and Biases. In order to setup WandB locally run wandb login in the terminal (

Example command line to run an experiment with WandB monitoring:

python -m sf_examples.vizdoom.train_vizdoom --env=doom_basic --experiment=DoomBasic --train_dir=./train_dir --num_workers=20 --num_envs_per_worker=16 --train_for_env_steps=1000000 \\
 --with_wandb=True --wandb_user=<your_wandb_user> --wandb_tags test doom appo

A total list of WandB settings:

--with_wandb: Enables Weights and Biases integration (default: False)
--wandb_user: WandB username (entity). Must be specified from command line! Also see (default: None)
--wandb_project: WandB "Project" (default: sample_factory)
--wandb_group: WandB "Group" (to group your experiments). By default this is the name of the env. (default: None)
--wandb_job_type: WandB job type (default: SF)
--wandb_tags: [WANDB_TAGS [WANDB_TAGS ...]] Tags can help with finding experiments in WandB web console (default: [])

Once the experiment is started the link to the monitored session is going to be available in the logs (or you can find it by searching in Wandb Web console).

Last update: June 30, 2023
Created: June 30, 2023