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Observer Interface

Sample Factory version 2 introduces a new feature: you can wrap the RL algorithm with a custom Observer object which allows you to interact with the RL training process in an arbitrary way.


The AlgoObserver interface is defined as follows:

class AlgoObserver:
    def on_init(self, runner: Runner) -> None:
        """Called after ctor, but before signal-slots are connected or any processes are started."""

    def on_connect_components(self, runner: Runner) -> None:
        """Connect additional signal-slot pairs in the observers if needed."""

    def on_start(self, runner: Runner) -> None:
        """Called right after sampling/learning processes are started."""

    def on_training_step(self, runner: Runner, training_iteration_since_resume: int) -> None:
        """Called after each training step."""

    def extra_summaries(self, runner: Runner, policy_id: PolicyID, env_steps: int, writer: SummaryWriter) -> None:

    def on_stop(self, runner: Runner) -> None:

Define your own class derived from AlgoObserver (i.e. MyObserver) and register it before starting the training process:


Our DMLab integration provides an example of how to use AlgoObserver to implement custom summaries that aggregate information from multiple custom metrics (see sf_examples/dmlab/

AlgoObserver is a new feature and further suggestions/extensions are welcome!