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Megaverse is a dedicated high-throughput RL environment with batched GPU rendering.

This document demonstrates an example of external integration, i.e. another project using Sample Factory as a library. Very likely this is going to be the most common integration scenario.


Install Megaverse according to the readme of the repo Megaverse. Further instructions assume that you are in a Python (or Conda) environment with a working Megaverse installation.

Running Experiments

Run Megaverse experiments with the scripts in megaverse_rl.

To train a model in the TowerBuilding environment:

python -m megaverse_rl.train_megaverse --train_for_seconds=360000000 --train_for_env_steps=2000000000 --algo=APPO --gamma=0.997 --use_rnn=True --rnn_num_layers=2 --num_workers=12 --num_envs_per_worker=2 --num_epochs=1 --rollout=32 --recurrence=32 --batch_size=4096 --actor_worker_gpus 0 --env_gpu_observations=False --num_policies=1 --with_pbt=False --max_grad_norm=0.0 --exploration_loss=symmetric_kl --exploration_loss_coeff=0.001 --megaverse_num_simulation_threads=1 --megaverse_num_envs_per_instance=32 --megaverse_num_agents_per_env=1 --megaverse_use_vulkan=True --policy_workers_per_policy=2 --reward_clip=30 --env=TowerBuilding --experiment=TowerBuilding

To visualize the training results, use the enjoy_megaverse script:

python -m megaverse_rl.enjoy_megaverse --algo=APPO --env=TowerBuilding --experiment=TowerBuilding --megaverse_num_envs_per_instance=1 --fps=20 --megaverse_use_vulkan=True

Multiple experiments can be run in parallel with the launcher module. megaverse_envs is an example launcher script that runs megaverse envs with 5 seeds.

python -m --run=megaverse_rl.runs.single_agent --backend=processes --max_parallel=2  --pause_between=1 --experiments_per_gpu=2 --num_gpus=1

Or you could run experiments on slurm:

python -m --run=megaverse_rl.runs.single_agent --backend=slurm --slurm_workdir=./slurm_megaverse --experiment_suffix=slurm --slurm_gpus_per_job=1 --slurm_cpus_per_gpu=16 --slurm_sbatch_template=./sample_factory/launcher/slurm/ --pause_between=1 --slurm_print_only=False




An example APPO model trained on Megaverse environments is uploaded to the HuggingFace Hub. The models have all been trained for 2G steps.

Environment HuggingFace Hub Models

Tower Building with single agent